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Education about Menstruation

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Education about menstruation should be given early, so that a woman who menstruate for the first time not to feel inferior or embarrassed, and could be accepted as
beginning the process of becoming a teenage girl. If not given a sense of their early menstruation can be interpreted as an illness or a punishment for any act which is not good.
Menstruation is the discharge process of red (blood) on the wall of the uterus (endometrium) that occurs routinely each month that comes out through the vagina
Menstruation is also a process of preparing the body of a woman to bear children or pregnant.
First menstrual period usually begins at age 10-16 years, depending on various factors including women's health, nutrition, and body weight relative to height. But menstruation can also occur at the age of 8 years,
this was due to good nutrition accelerate the readiness of the body to start menstruating.
Every woman is menstruating is a very natural and normal, not natural to the age of 16 or 17 years has not
menstruation that may result from a disturbance in the reproductive organs. Better if they get something like this see a doctor immediately. According to physiology, not all the blood out of the vagina is menstrual blood, it may be wound in the stomach.

Tomato sharpen memory

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Memory will decrease naturally with age added. If the start is often forgotten and hard concentration, it helps multiply the consumption of natural foods. Like tomatoes, watermelon seeds, or broccoli. Make the nutritional content of memory is maintained sharpness.

The disease is now feared many people were in sharp decline in brain function during old age before.
One is Alzheimer's. This disease can weaken your memory drastically that people can not do anything - anything.

There are a number of recommended food ingredients, to be eaten on a regular basis so that memory is maintained properly.

Eating wheat and its processed products such as cereals, wheat brand, and wheat pasta provides vitamins B12 and B6, which can improve and maintain memory.  By eating wheat Also a lower risk of mild cognitive impairment that can progress to Alzheimer's disease.

Fish oil
Species of fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon, and other marine fish species have oil with a source of omega3 fatty acids needed by the brain. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, fish also contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and iodine is good for the nerves of the brain and hones a sharper memory.

According to research at Tufts University and the Journal of Neuroscience, blueberry extract can help maintain and improve memory and brain function.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and antioxidants that can help protect against this type of damage caused by free radicals caused due to aging.

Vitamin C in Blackcurrant was already known to have the power to increase mental agility in thinking. Able to keep the brain from toxins from the environment or food, so it can prevent memory loss.

Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds from pumpkin seeds contain zinc which is good for improving and maintaining the sharpness of the brain and mind.

Broccoli is a source of vitamin K, which is known both to improve cognitive function and ability of the brain in thinking.

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, peanuts or peanut butter contains fats that are good for the body. In addition, nuts are also high sources of vitamin E that can not only keep the body from heart attacks but also to improve the working system of the brain.

Eat Tomatoes For Beautiful Hair and Strong!

Beautiful red color fruit contains many antioxidants known as lycopene. Tomato is Fresh sour taste with enough water content. These vegetables also have a great nutrition.

Tomato is one of the popular vegetable in the world.  Tomatoes are Very Easy and cheap to get. Beautiful red color, quite interesting and famous for its rich content of vitamins A and C it. In addition, tomatoes contain lycopene which also functions as an antioxidant.

The fruit was first discovered around Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia also has some great benefits, among others:

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A which is very good to help improve eye health and prevent night blindness.

Lycopene in tomatoes can help prevent cell damage that triggers cervical cancer, prostate cancer in men, stomach cancer and colorectal cancers. Eat fresh tomatoes to get optimal properties.

Tomatoes with content of potassium and B vitamins that help lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
Many eating tomatoes can prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Substance lycopene in tomatoes can not only suppress cancer but also well for maintaining healthy skin. Take tomatoes, puree and put it on the upper surface of the skin. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse. If you do it regularly, the skin will be healthy glow.

Eat tomatoes every day on a regular basis can help strengthen the roots of the hair, making hair more shiny and thick.

Tomatoes have enough vitamin K and calcium is good to help strengthen the bones and teeth.

Communication Method Is Not Just for Kids from Parents.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Communication Method Is Not Just for Kids from Parents.
All parents want to always protect their children so as not to make mistakes that could harm the child. I was so worried, sometimes even their parents failed to communicate with the child because the child disliked the way communication.

As a result, parents are communicating in a way that would damage its relationship with the child. According to Drs. Jeffrey Bernstein, a psychologist from Philadelphia and author of '10 Days to a Less Defiant Child ', there are three styles of communication that parents do not like children as reported by Psychology Today:

1. Cornered with guilt
Usually done by asking or making the child feel in a position of a parent or other person in certain situations. Parents often try to make children feel guilty for their actions or thoughts. Parents who control their children using guilt are actually a risk of alienating the children from their own.

For example: Budi (15 years) being caught smoking by a neighbor who later reported to her mother's neighbor. Budi her mother for half an hour lecture with a statement like: "Imagine how embarrassed she heard whispering neighbors say your child smoking?" or "Are not you realize, you've ruined my mother the same trust you?”

This method will not work and actually makes Budi increasingly make the distance with his mother. Budi actually only needed support, understanding, and discipline. Makes communication by asking the reason why smoking and actually make the child is usually more open.

2. Using sarcasm or satire.
The insinuation is saying things the opposite of what I really want to say and implied through tone of voice. An example is saying something like: "you're very clever" when the child made a mistake or something bad.

Sarcasm is a barrier for parents who want to communicate effectively with their children. Speaking with a positive tone and not abusive will make children more respect.

3. Lecture.
That is when parents come and give talks how her son should be doing something, not provide feedback or suggestions. Too directing and driving it will not be heard by children, or may even make the child do the opposite of what the parents told me to.

Parents of children dictate how it should solve the problem and directing that the children do not have control over their own lives, and then they will lose the trust of his children.

Stops Thumb Sucking Habit Son

Stops Thumb Sucking Habit Son 
Thumb sucking habit is actually a natural action infant. "It is very common for them to use another finger or thumb for comfort," says physician Robert Anderson, a pediatrician from Iowa, Canada. 

In the first month of life or it could be faster, children can begin to understand that suck the finger made him uncomfortable. "It makes them calm down or just because it was fun," said Anderson again. 

But if left until the child begins to grow larger, this habit could hamper its development, such as the ability to speak. When the tolerance limit for the child's thumb sucking habit? 

"Usually when a child is aged 2-4 years will begin to train other brains, in addition to sucking fingers, such as the ability to speak," added the dentist Mary Hayes from Chicago. 

But not all children with easy to stop thumb sucking habit. If the habit persists until the child is 2 years old, this could make her stunted growth. 

According to Hayes, if left to your child's teeth can be a forward or a clenched jaw when the upper and lower front teeth remain open. Another problem that may arise there is a change of palate due to thumb pressure in the area. 

Not only that, the child also had problems in the articulation if it continues to suck his thumb. Children are difficult to say the letter T and D with the right or the other letters. 

So how do you get kids to stop the habit? Family psychologist from California, Jenn Berman and physician Robert Anderson, gave a few suggestions: 

1. Try to limit the time the child is sucking his fingers. For example, may only do so in his room or at home, not while in a public place."Tell the children that this should only be done at bedtime or during sleep," explains Berman. 

2. Do not make this issue as a fight. "Do not tell the child, you should not be sucking your thumb again," said Anderson. "Rather than give criticism, when children do not suck your thumb, give him a compliment," he added. 

3. Communicate to the children about that habit. "Tell the child, whenever he was ready to stop that habit, you are ready to help," says Berman. This method can make the child motivated and eventually come to you to ask for your help. 

4. Build awareness of the child. "When the child sucks his thumb, remind her that she was sucking his fingers," explains Hayes. If the child does not realize it, help him and find ways is there anything else that could make it comfortable in addition to the finger. 

5. Perform creative ways to make children understand that they're already big and one day will not suck his finger again.

How to Cope with Tonsillitis

Friday, September 30, 2011

 If you find symptoms that lead to inflammation of the tonsils, immediately take it to the doctor for further review. The doctor will check if there are signs of inflammation that lead to disease diagnosis tonsillitis. If the tonsils are enlarged, the doctor will assess the extent of enlargement of the tonsils and determine whether to do surgery. In addition, the doctor will give medicine to reduce complaints of patients or recommend surgery if necessary. Usually the doctor will prescribe the heat down, antibiotics and mouthwash or lozenges that contain a disinfectant.

If a child is suffering from tonsillitis

There are several things you can do at home to reduce pain in children with tonsillitis 

1. Avoid foods that are too stimulating and cold food or drinks, because it can aggravate the condition of the tonsils. As a result, it will be increasingly enlarged tonsils or germs become easier to breed.

2. Avoid foods that contain MSG or flavor, because it can lead to enlarged tonsils.

3. Give soft foods if the child looks in pain or difficulty when swallowing food

4. Provide adequate food intake and nutritionally balanced to keep the immune system of children. If necessary, give additional vitamins. It would be better if given vitamins derived from natural ingredients (vegetables and fruits)

5. Give drink in sufficient quantities (avoid cold water)

6. Teach your child to rinse twice daily with mouthwash a given doctor, or it could be with warm water mixed with salt 

7. Children also need enough rest to recover his body. 

8. Keep children away from people who are ill because the immune system of children who suffered tonsillitis prone to disease 

9. Do not forget to drink regular doctor administered a drug to our children 

Can tonsillitis be prevented? 

It would be wise if we know the ways to prevent tonsillitis because prevention is better than cure. There are several ways that you can apply to children protected from the disease tonsillitis, among others 

1. Provide nutritious food and sufficient in number, in order to fit the child's condition 

2. Avoid cooking with the use of additional substances that are not good for health such as flavorings or MSG 

3. Familiarize your child to eat at home and not too often snack on the outside because sometimes lack of cleanliness and may use substances that are not good for health 

4. Teach children to keep your teeth and mouth clean by brushing your teeth regularly to avoid many germs is lodged in the mouth 

5. Familiarize children to love sports since childhood. It is very good for fitness and his endurance of different kinds of diseases. 


As parents, we must always take into consideration the health of children. If we find many anomalies that occur in children, such as children's achievement at the school declined and there were reports from teachers that children like to sleep during class hours. Do not directly accuse slacker son, but need to look carefully advance the cause. You must be sensitive to what is felt the child, especially if your child is still small and can not bring a complaint.

Inflammation of the Tonsils

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inflammation of the tonsils.
You would never hear a child suffering from tonsillitis. In medicine, the disease is known as tonsillitis, or inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsillitis there is an acute nature, but those that are chronic and recurrent nature. Obviously, a disease that allowed dragging on without proper treatment will greatly interfere with activities of children. Tonsillitis will cause the child can not play with his friends, can not go to school, and usually difficult to eat.

What is the process of tonsillitis
tonsils with other body systems actively worked to form immune? If the tonsils have the disorder will increasingly enlarged tonsils. Whereas, it should at the end of the age of seven years has narrowed to the tonsils are not visible. Enlarged tonsils can cause disorders in children. One of the most frequent, i.e. changing the function of the tonsils as the immune system into a den of infection.

How symptoms of tonsillitis

in general, parents should suspect a disturbance in the tonsils of children if there are several symptoms, such as high fever even reached 40 degrees Celsius, itching or dryness in the throat, pain when swallowing, frequent cough and cold, the sound becomes less clear, complained of shortness of breath, lethargy and decreased activity.
In children who are small and can not say the complaint, usually often fussy or crying at mealtimes, and sometimes vomiting when they want to swallow food. As a result, the child who was suffering from tonsillitis will usually be difficult to eat because of pain when swallowing. In some children who enlarged tonsils are large enough to cover the throat will have difficulty swallowing until the child is reluctant to eat and growth will be hampered.

Inflammation of the tonsils and the intelligence of children
 Enlarged tonsils become a good place for germs (bacteria or viruses) to breed. As a result, children who suffer from inflammation of the tonsils are more often a cough, runny nose and sore throat.
If the child is often susceptible to interference like that, certainly weakened body resistance, reduced appetite and growth will be hampered. Therefore, not uncommon to children who have tonsillitis will experience a decrease of intelligence.

More severe, if the throat is closed partially or completely so that it can inhibit breathing. If breathing is hampered be deprived of oxygen, the result would hinder brain development.

Because the airway is closed, the child will have a habit of sleeping at night with his mouth open and snoring. Other consequences, the child will be sleepy during the day due to lack of sleep at night.
If it is left alone, the child will often fall asleep in class during lessons.

How to overcome the tonsils can be seen next post

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